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What is the first thing you do when you arrive at a hotel before deciding whether to stay or not? If you ask to see the rooms, you are in good company. We know that and so we decided to leave you a chocolate with a bow on show. You think that’s not right? Maybe, but we like it. At ours you don’t just come and then go. At ours you come, you stay at least one night, you taste the sweetness that there is in life and when you leave you already want to come back. The chocolate is a sign that we are thinking about you

At ours you can choose between these types of room: “comfort”, “superior”, ”top” and “junior family suite”.

To be more precise:
Comfort: home from home
Superior: home from home with a little more space
Top: home from home with a little more luxury
Junior family suite: home from home, with more space and someone to take away all the trouble.

From €75
/ Per Night


Yes, you’re right, the space makes a difference because we can’t take it anymore not knowing where to put the suitcases, with wardrobe doors that open against the bed, with children who hide the toys in the bathroom.  There is no lack of space and light but there is no terrace.  You want one?  Well…

From €85
/ Per Night


If you like terraces it’s because you have a good relationship with the outdoors and with others, did you know that? And then, can you imagine that moment when you open the French door, you go out, you sit down and with a sigh let your thoughts go? A spacious room, light and tranquillity: the…

From €100
/ Per Night


We know what it means to look for “that” room and not just “a” room. At ours there is nothing better: comfort, space, light and, from the terrace, sea as far as the eye can see.  How many real holidays do you permit yourself during the year? Not very many? Enough? We know that finding…

From €70
/ Per Night

Junior family suite

Ne abbiamo una e vale davvero la pena. Si tratta di una stanza tripla e una matrimoniale collegate da un ampio corridoio. Perché sottolineiamo che è ampio? Perché, quando arrivi dal mare con la stanchezza e la fame urlanti, dove metti le ciabatte dei bimbi ancora con un po’ di sabbia sopra (e sotto), i secchielli con palette, rastrelli e sassolini, i costumini accartocciati e il salvagente bucato? (continua…)