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The Restaurant

Putting on the glitter to go to dinner is not what you’re looking for, you like to dine with the lights that caress you, lulled by the background buzz of murmured conversations.  We also like to dine like this, we understand you perfectly.  We like to cook well too, with care and simplicity, making the most of our local products. We have the sun that lights up the earth and the air that gives us vitality and life! We love spoiling you, to be there for you, without suffocating you… if not you would have stayed at home.

And also at the table we reserve the same care for you.  All the tastiness, lightness and colours.

In the kitchen we have chef Luigi: if you hear him whistling, be happy, it means that he is inventing something.  His specialities are trenette with pesto and courgettes and seafood risotto, but he can make anything well!  Would you like the recipe?  Of course, Luigi will take care of that and you will really impress your friends when you get home!

We know that Margherita’s fresh fruit tarts are the best fruit dessert that you have ever eaten: the reason being that she makes them with peaches, apricots and prunes from our vegetable garden.  And the basil, you ask? But of course, even the basil that Luigi needs comes from our vegetable garden.  We try to keep him happy: he says that he only uses basil that smells of the sun and the wind.  He’s not wrong!

How can we forget the strawberry tiramisù? Margherita works her magic.

If you are weaning your child, the burden of mashed potatoes, courgettes and carrots would put you off leaving home.  But no! We make a very special one made with courgettes from our vegetable garden: those smooth courgettes, curved and sweet that are beautiful to see and delicious to taste. The only problem, we warn you, is that they are addictive.


If you like to have a proper breakfast, you have found the right place.  At ours, a coffee and off you go doesn’t work!  We love being hosts, to take care of you and we start first thing in the morning:  you will smell the aromas of our sweets invading the corridors, you will taste how good a fresh breakfast is and you will quickly forget your hectic daily routine.  You sit down, we take care of the rest.

Would you like to try Margherita’s ciambella cakes? Why are they so yellow? Because she uses lots of free-range eggs provided by our local farmers.

And what about our fruit tarts from the vegetable garden? Irresistible temptations!

And the savoury food, you ask? There is no lack of cured meats, eggs and cheese.  We don’t just love sweets!