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Junior family suite
From €70

/ Per Night

We have one and it is definitely worth it.  It is a triple room and a double room joined by a spacious corridor.  Why underline that it is spacious? Because when you get back from the beach exhausted and ravenous, where are you going to put the children’s sandy flip-flops, the buckets and spades, the rakes and pebbles, the crumpled swimming costumes and the burst lifebuoy? On the bed?   Both rooms are spacious, with a beautiful big terrace where you can stretch out and let the sun do the rest.  The bathroom is just the right size to keep the children together: while one of them is brushing their teeth the other can have a shower and you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Combination “romantic”: parents in one room and the children in the other

Combination survival: one parent and one child per room

Combination “while dad’s at work”: the mother and grandmother in one room and the children in the other

Combination “everything is fine by us”: whatever you want.


From 1:00pm


Within 11:00am