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Get it into your head that there is not only the sea. Which is of course beautiful, blue-green, sparkling, clear water that reflects the marvellous Ligurian sky.

The inland is no less and when you set foot on our hills you will marvel at so much hidden beauty.  The hills with vegetable gardens, olive groves and vines are an unending source of awe and products that arrive directly onto our table.  Yes, of course, to your table, the one that we will reserve for you now at ours!

Have you ever tasted the oil from our hills? It is clear and has that light, tasty flavour that you can recognise with your eyes closed. In the best pesto, for example. (But let’s not get distracted).


If you like relaxing walks, to visit those quaint, little medieval villages that are a joy to the tourists and the pride of the locals, the little stone houses, well then you’re in the right place: Calvisio, Olle, Gorra, Monticelli and further along Varigotti.

Let’s not forget Finalborgo, which was included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its medieval walls and castles that have seen a lot of history and horses’ hooves.


The paths of our inland are numerous and with different levels of difficulty: some are a stroll while others are not. In short, depending on how fit you are you can count on walks to satisfy your eyes and keep you in form. Have a look at these suggestions, for example.

Okay, okay, but without your mountain bike? And so you won’t resist the temptation: there are paths that seem easy but have hidden surprises and those that are difficult but let you catch your breath (sometimes ) You don’t believe us? Then, have a look at these videos that’s not for you, skip them, because the Go-Pro will give you too many emotions live! Here we are already at Finale Ligure, you say? Expert!


What else can you do in Finale that is unique, beautiful, unrepeatable? Exactly! Rock climbing in Finale is something you will take with you wherever you go.  That rock, the views, the emotions and above all those paths! Is 3000 enough of a number? There is something for everyone, for beginners there is the possibility to take lessons.

If you love the steep climbs, but you prefer something more secure, there are the via ferratas.  You know the one of the Artisti? No, it is not difficult, but the difference in level makes it very interesting.  With the highlight being a suspension bridge 50 metres long.

If it’s the rough water that you like, then you can go on the discovery of glimpses of landscape you will enjoy yourself without too much difficulty. Unlimited fresh water, emotions and nature.

If you love the water, but a little calmer, you can discover the wonders under our sea: it will be beautiful, even for the children.

Okay: sailing is your thing, but you’re not interested in going to some far off exotic location? Well, then there’s Circolo Nautico di Loano they will welcome you with open arms – oops open sails!

And while we’re at it, the Marina of Loano (a stone’s throw away) organise diving for amateurs and experts, have a look.

The Sea


Did you know that the sea at Pietra Ligure is one of the cleanest on the Riviera Ligure di Ponente? It is clean and suitable for everyone because the sandy beach stretches for quite a few metres into the sea.  No sudden changes in depth so totally safe for adventurous children.  You can enjoy the clear, blue-green water and the generous sun, stretched out in the heat and smile at the refreshing breeze that caresses your hot skin.

But not only families love the sea: even the elderly are quite at home because there is nothing better than a chat with your legs cooling in the water and the sun heating your bones.

And then? Umbrellas, deckchairs, sunbeds? You can ask us for anything and we will do our best to fulfil your wishes (and even the impossible!).

Are you one of those who believes that “the sea is definitely not about being like lizards in the sun?” Perfect, we’ll recap on the different options available: